One year in the realm

At this time last year, the fourteenth installment in the Final Fantasy franchise saw a relaunch like no other. Opening a few years prior and being almost universally criticized, the game was shut down so it could be reworked by a new team with a new vision.

Tying this rebirth to the lore of the game by destroying the world itself, players were treated to the fantastic End of an Era cinematic and were left wondering what would happen to their characters – and this entry in the venerable franchise.

When I got into the Beta (2nd phase) I was captivated by the combination of visuals, audio and small little nods to the franchise as a whole. I was left expecting the next Beta weekend anxiously. I think the Beta was under NDA, but I invited a couple of friends over (longtime FF-fans @ps4weisson and @caleric) so they could see what the game was about.

With the game pre-ordered it was a matter of waiting for the final days: early access and launch. Yes, I was there for the wave of disconnects and “another world” errors, but luckily they didn’t hit me as hard. I was enjoying it. I was enjoying this new world, the fantastic music and the new adventures this “Reborn Eorzea” had to offer.

One year later, I’m still here. Past the Primals and Coil, past the FATEs, past the Hunts controversy. Past drinking the Fantasia to wake up a Lalafell. I’m still here – and I hope I continue to be for as long as The Twelve will it.

Sagacyte Luxaloix, Black Mage extraordinaire, standing guard in Ul'dah.


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