It’s not new unless it’s New!

It's NEEEEWToday I’m waking up to an announcement by Nintendo: there’s a new 3DS coming. Wait, let me fix that: a New 3DS. Because, you see, the device is called the “New 3DS“. It’s now just new, it’s New.

Let’s forget for a moment about how much was Nintendo criticized for naming the Wii U like that, which is said to have confused people into thinking it was just another (more expensive) Wii – therefore impacting sales.

This new device is still a 3DS. BUT (there had to be a but) it’s more powerful. It’s got extra buttons, and a right analog stick. It also has better brightness and 3D viewing angle. It has a microSD slot. It can “read” the upcoming Amiibo thingies announced at E3.

More buttons!Oh, and before I forget, there are games coming out that can only run on it.

Wait. What?

So while not a new “portable console” (akin to jumping from the GBA to the DS) this New 3DS right out of the gate does things that its brother can’t. Did Nintendo just made the not-new 3DS obsolete?

The coming Smash game will use Amiibos and the extra stick for attacks, while others like Final Fantasy Explorers and Monster Hunter will use it to control the camera. Also, the first game in this “New 3DS only” batch is a port of Wii hit Xenoblade. You can see a pretty cool website and videos about it in the Nintendo website (Japan).

There’s a lot to read and find out about this new… excuse me, New 3DS. Twitter fellows already making their desire for one clear. So far, “JP only” but possibly 2015 for the rest of the world.

You planning on getting one? I… I don’t know. I still haven’t played Bravely Default.


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