Fun with numbers and calculations


I have a love/hate relationship with Metrico (Playstation Vita), a 2D puzzler with an aesthetic resembling pie charts and graphs like those seen in most business presentations. You have to move platforms in order to get to the other end of the screen. Simple enough.

However, you move said platforms by performing unusual actions with the console itself. For example, you have 3 platforms: one is moved by pressing the attack button, another by defeating an enemy, and the last one by dying. Yes, dying. It becomes an interesting quest to find out exactly what makes each platform move.

Metrico screenshot

One of the challenges tasked me with extending a bridge by rotating the Vita. To fully reach the other side, I had to rotate the console 360 degrees. My wife’s face was priceless. “Why are you doing that?” she asked.

I’m currently stuck in a puzzle that requires me to use the Vita’s camera: 3 platforms move depending on the degree of red, green or blue coming from where the camera’s facing (or at least I think that’s the key). I was alternating between sitting (aiming for the green bed sheets) and standing (aiming for the clear blueish ceiling light).

So far Metrico has challenged me with using all buttons, rotating the Vita, using the rear-touch panel and using the camera. I hope I’m not asked to use the microphone eventually!

Metrico was offered for free to PS+ users in August. It’ll soon be back as a normal item, going for $13,99.

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