The Missing Fantasy

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A conversation I had on Twitter (@sagacyte, btw) with friends @luciferbiscuit and @brayflox brought a topic for a post to my head. It’s a common topic of conversation between friends and fans of the Final Fantasy saga. Earlier today a list of SquareEnix games on display at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was released, and the guest of honor – where everyone’s eyes are on – is missing. Final Fantasy XV is a no-show. Again.

For those new: XV – previously known as Versus XIII – was a PS3 game announced in 2006 that disappeared from the public eye shortly afterwards. In E3 2013 – 7 years later – the game reappeared but had been officially changed to a fully fledged XVth main-numbered entry for the next generation PS4/XB1. A trailer showed impressive vistas and gameplay. After that… silence. The game skipped several game shows since, including 2013’s TGS and 2014’s E3 and Gamescom.

Screenshot from FFXV

Fans of Final Fantasy have been clamoring for more info ever since, and the usual response has always been the same:

Now, it’s probably a bit early to tell for sure. It’s possible that SquareEnix is preparing a special event or moment to talk about XV. Perhaps even in a closed-door press-only event. Then again, this hope has been present in fans’ hearts in every game show since 2006.

Please be excited! – Shinji Hashimoto, Final Fantasy Brand Director

It’s perplexing to see SquareEnix keeping XV under this much wraps. As a flagship title (numbered Final Fantasies are very important to them – look at what happened with XIV) one would guess they were itching to show more to the public, to throw that line to keep fans hungry for more. Are we willing to wait 8 more years? And don’t get me started with Kingdom Hearts 3!

After all, as they say, the thirst is real (Warning! Contains hilarious & NSFW language):


EDIT: An interesting post appeared today (Sept 3rd, 2014) on popular gaming forum NeoGAF, mentioning “milestones” that have happened between Versus/XV’s announcement and this day. Noteworthy ones:

  • The first iPhone was announced and released, with its 6th incarnation poised to be announced soon.
  • The PS3 came out and now has it’s successor, the PS4.
  • Every Assassin’s Creed game was released.
  • The entire Mass Effect trilogy was released.
  • All 3 Bioshocks (and DLC) have been released.
  • In 2006, Naughty Dog was the “Jak & Daxter” studio, before Uncharted. Today Drake is easily one of Playstation’s mascots.

Read more (including more from posters) in the original GAF thread.


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