Something smells

Before we start, visit – I’ll wait. Done? Good. And yeah: weird, huh?

Eau de Destiny

I find this curious (and a bit funny) for a few reasons. First of all the curious way they’ve chosen to market the Xbox version of Destiny. A perfume? It’s a nice touch, honestly. Something different once in a while.

The second is them explicitly saying they “didn’t have permission” to promote the game. As you’ve probably seen, Destiny has been heavily promoted as a Playstation game. One would think Microsoft was busy marketing Sunset Overdrive, or Halo Something… but being forbidden from doing it? Twist!

I particularly like the line: “Thanks for smelling that something was up“. In my eyes, it implies that something was off/wrong with Destiny’s ads being PS branded, or that there is something much darker than simply being focused on marketing their own exclusives. It’s particularly funny since, as any gamer would know, this same thing has been happening with franchises like Call of Duty for the past few years, with all adds being marketed as being Xbox games (save, of course, by those found in Playstation events or websites).

So, you see, this isn’t new or revolutionary. There is no great evil behind all of this… or at least not one that we don’t know about already. It’s just a jab Microsoft is taking at someone (Bungie? Activison? Sony?) in the form of an elegant ad. I can’t wait for Microsoft-paid ads for Advanced Warfare that somehow take a jab at Destiny!

In the days of #GamerGate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone start making a lot of noise about this. But I sure hope it doesn’t happen… this is just standard marketing warfare. Remember when they weren’t jabs but massive uppercuts?


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