A Laguna of memories

FFVIII cover

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the NA release of Final Fantasy VIII, the second to come during the Playstation era, and a damn fine game.

Coming after what many consider to be the best and most influential RPG of all time, VIII dropped the “super deformed” characters (big head, small body style) and opted to go with more realistic characters placed in a massive story that spanned two generations – the young cadets of SeeD from the prestigious Balamb Garden, and the shenanigans of a trio of Imperial Soldiers led by a mysterious guy – both linked in unknown but important ways.

Squall & Laguna

Sporting an impressive cinematic intro (below), a fantastic soundtrack and a story about war, youth and, above all, love – FFVIII took players in an adventure like those only a FF could, culminating in an unforgettable battle that defined the fates of not just the world, but of all times as well.

Cheers, Final Fantasy VIII! May you stay strong in our memories!


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