Orcas, Zombies and Mimes, oh my!

We all know Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS4, X1, and PC. We knew that since the moment the game was announced for PS3/360 way back then. The timing – with the next-gen coming – was too perfect. Fast forward a bunch of months and here we are, game has already been announced for next-gen current-gen and PC, and today we get the date for that: November 18th… for PS4/X1; PC must wait until January.

The game promises a visual upgrade, more music, and new content – just what is still up in the air. Today’s new trailer sheds some light:

Now, I admit I didn’t comb over every little detail in GTAV when it came out for PS3 (*eyes FFXIV*). Finished the excellent main story, did a couple of side stuff, and merely dabbled in GTAOnline – but alas, I detest activity-interrupting PvP so I didn’t pay it much heed.

However I don’t remember there being a zombie. Or Orcas in the sea *shudder* (good idea for a future post). Or mimes. Or the “we’re not worthy” old couple. Or dogs – besides Chop, of course.

I love the open worlds of the GTA franchise, so I’m looking forward to this one! Gotta find an opportunity to buy and have it sent, first – oh, and try to sell the PS3 one as well!


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