Did Odin commit Bahamutcide?

There’s this very cool post in the Final Fantasy XIV wing of Reddit, where user Mwil89 asks some questions about the lore behind the Binding Coil of Bahamut. Be sure to give it a read, but be warned: it’s spoiler heaven for the lore of both Coils.

*Needless to say, this post will also dabble in some spoilers.*

The initial question is simple: why is Bahamut in the Coils? Last we saw him in the marvelous “End of an Era” video, the King of Dragons was getting ready to unleash a Megaflare on Eorzea that probably would have destroyed the Realm, while we were whisked away to the future (precisely to save us from this).


Thing is, while Eorzea was changed (or should I say reborn?)… was it truly destroyed? And where did a huge dragon – a dragon that required an entire moon to contain – went to? People say Bahamut vanished in a flash of light. What exactly happened that day 5 6 years ago?

The theories popping up in that article are fun to read and good. One speculates that Odin was the one who stopped Bahamut. Yeah. Odin.


Think about it: what we fight in the Shroud is not Odin himself but his shadow. What if the real Odin spent most of his energy defeating Bahamut and is now resting… somewhere, while his shadow (a form of projection) roams the land? With an upcoming Odin Extreme fight datamined, and mentions (in the comments) of Yoshi-P once saying this primal was of importance… are we looking at #odinGate?

Another fun theory is that we’re in the Coils not to stop Bahamut, but are being lured to defeat the very guardians that are trying to stop him from regenerating.

What if Louis and Nael are manipulating you into disabling the hulks to free bahamut? what if something about the allagan technology prevents thralls of bahamut from interfering with them or manipulating them? – HidekaValheim, from Reddit.

If you’re interested in the lore of FFXIV, and don’t mind having the Coils lore spoiled to you (in case you haven’t finished them), be sure to take a trip to the Reddit article – more theories await!

louis tempered

It’s always nice to find other players interested in the lore of the world that we call our virtual home!


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