Didn’t think I’d share this!


A couple of weekends ago I was trying to clear up my criminally long Playstation Plus backlog, so I chose to try and finish a couple of “short” games (Puppeteer and Castle of Ilussion) and progress a bit further in a not-so-short one (DMC)

All three games have their charm (fantastic art style, excellent remake, cool aesthetic) and there was one thing I was fondly missing as I played: I wanted to share what I was seeing.

I remember not so long ago, when the PS4 announced its “share” feature, I thought it was a cute yet useless feature that would probably be used every now an then as a novelty. It wasn’t until I actually had a PS4 and tried the feature that I realized how neat it was to be able to Tweet or Face…book…et (?) the pretty neat vistas or events happening in a game.

Oh, and I’ve never shared videos. Perhaps when they allow doing it directly to Youtube…


So, back to the story, I was first playing Puppeteer and… well, anyone who knows it has a good idea of where this is going: the art style is fantastic – it’s like everything is made of wood or cardboard. Like Little Big Planet but much better. Lightning is also great. There are some great moments and vistas – boss fights are particularly good-looking – and I was impulsively reaching for the share button… which obviously doesn’t exist on the PS3.

puppeteer 2

Castle of Illusion is a remake of an old Genesis game with the same name. The word remake is spot-on. The game retains the overall progression of the first, remixes the music and redoes everything else.


It’s familiar enough to be recognizable, yet fresh enough to feel new. I was thoroughly surprised. The animations are pretty neat (Mickey’s walking – not running – animation is great!), the levels colorful and… well, shame I couldn’t share any of the views. Not a contender for best-looking game in the world, but still, didn’t look bad at all – and was a true treat for anyone who played the original.


Finally, DMC (Devil May Cry). A game I’ve been playing on and off for quite some time. I was just in the part where you fight Bob Barbas (the news anchor). That battle is a visual feast. He’s like a projection, with neon lights and tv noise everywhere. It was a sight to behold (actually, that game has a lot of cool stuff to see, overall). I have to resort to Google, but wouldn’t it have been cool if I could have shared it?


Yes, this has been going on for years on PC and platforms like Steam, but as a life-long console gamer this was new to me. The fact that you can share them not only with the PS ecosystem, but directly to social networks is pretty neat.

I’m not precisely a compulsive sharer (I think I may have done it 5 times so far) but it’s definitely something that is slowly becoming part of my gaming memory.


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