Destiny – First impressions

After playing the Destiny Alpha I discovered I really enjoyed this FPS-MMO-Diablo-Halo thing. To be honest, what little previews I had seen of the game didn’t really catch my eye. While playing it was an eye-opener and left me curious for more, life and money dictated that Destiny wasn’t on the cards. But thanks to a lucky opportunity and friend @ps4weisson I got the chance to get it for a fraction of the price – and so it was that last night I took my first steps in the world of Destiny.

wpimgAfter a neat intro movie I was tasked with choosing a class. I’d chosen Titan in the Alpha, but it didn’t suit me. As pointed out by friends, I’m the kind of guy who likes to wait for opportunities and hopefully aim good shots. A “camper” they call me. While I’m not into Sniper Rifles, I don’t object to them either. Based on this I ended up choosing Hunter.

wpimgI have to say, so far, I’m enjoying it. I picked up a Hand Cannon (essentially a big handgun, like a Magnum) and it is a welcome change of pace from the regular rifle I use in every other FPS. And yes, the Hunter’s secondary weapon is by default a Sniper Rifle… but I can live with that, particularly when picking the enemies’ numbers from afar. I’m only level 7 at the moment, and already died a dozen times on the PvP Crucible… but heck, so far I like this game.


In case you’re wondering: yes, I have read the complaints. I have read about the shallowness of the story, the terrible voice acting by the Game of Thrones guy, the loot grind, the comments on how the game sucks, etc. But, you see, so far I’m enjoying this game greatly. I’m not even leveled enough to do content with friends yet. However…

The story so far is cryptic enough to make it interesting: you have been dead for a long time and are revived by a tiny little robot into a world that has basically gone to hell. How long were you dead? If it was for so long, is it too far fetched to think that your character – YOU – is really clueless about it all? The Grimoires you must read on the web (outside of the game) are a bit dumb in execution, yes, but it’s not like this is the first time I’ve ventured outside of the game world to read about a game’s lore.


I don’t find the voice acting by Mr. Dinklage bad so far. He’s a robot, I don’t expect him to be bursting with emotion. What little emotion he shows I pass as a programmed effort by its creator. Perhaps I don’t read too much between the lines and just enjoy the ride, or am in for a rude awakening eventually – but so far, so good.

As for the loot grind… well… early impressions of the game painted it as a Halo-Diablo mashup MMO. And you know what that means: Loot, grinds & loot grinds. I’m not that big of a Diablo fan (only have the 3rd one, and it was given to me as part of the World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion a few years ago) but I understand the mechanic: kill things to get loot, so you can get stronger to kill stronger things to get stronger loot. Repeat ad nauseam. Also, a grind-less MMO? What is this? Topsy-Turvy world?

So, ask me today: does Destiny suck? No, no it doesn’t, though I admit I’m just beginning. Ask me again in a few weeks? I don’t know, I don’t come from the future (or the Moon) – but I know the present, and I’m enjoying the present very much.

UPDATE: I’m now level 11, completed the Moon and did some more PvP. The story is showing signs of weakening, but it’s not bad. The Moon levels were fun and good looking – loving the alien facilities underneath. And while I am still a low level, fared much better in the Crucible: levels don’t seem to affect damage or something, so it’s not unfair… will look more into this. So far, so good.


2 thoughts on “Destiny – First impressions

  1. So I hopped into PvP last night with two friends – first time doing multiplayer with friends. It was SO much better and having that coordination made us all do considerably better than we usually do. We even went into the 3v3 strikes and did well against the people we faced. It was very different.

    Also, if you stick with gunslinger, your third grenade is actually those laser traps you see in the tutorial, and they are a ton of fun to leave in doorways in PvP. I get a LOT of postmortems and random “oh hey, that worked” kind of moments now that I’ve been using it. That, plus throwing knife, plus how much I like golden gun… definitely not going back to bladedancer ever.

    Also also, if you happen to like golden gun, you should find a way to get 13 strange coins and pre-emptively buy the exotic Xur is selling right now. Gives you an extra shot! As soon as I get home, it will be miiinnnnneee….


    1. PvP is funner than I expected. I’ve always enjoyed the mindless fun of Call of Duty, and this is like this but with powers.

      I haven’t tried Bladedancer yet, but my friend @ps4weisson is one, and it looks cool… not sure how it’ll be to play it myself.

      What are the 13 coins? Who is Xur? Is that something I can do at this level (11)?


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