Assassinating Pixels

This hilarious scene from classic Jim Carrey movie “Liar Liar” was the first thing that came to my mind today after reading that Ubisoft – developers of Assassin’s Creed – are locking both PS4 and X1 versions of the next game, AC:Unity, to 900p/30fps… for the weirdest reason.

Well, maybe it’s not weird at all… but still.

You see, this console generation has had a lot of internet debate because in most cases whenever a game came out for both the PS4 and the X1, the former’s version had a technical advantage over the other – usually in the case of resolution. Much has been talked about 1080p (PS4) vs 900p (X1) or similiar disparities. In most cases, this has been directly or indirectly attributed to the fact that PS4 seems to be the strongest machine of the two.

But Ubi is making news by saying it’s locking both games to the same resolution/fps “to avoid all the debates and stuff“. No kidding.

We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff,” senior producer Vincent Pontbriand told – Original article here.

Keep in mind, the previous big AC game – Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – was released the same way, but the PS4 version got a day-one patch bumping it up to 1080p. Will Ubisoft do this again? And why? Why market the game at 900p* just to patch it later to a better resolution on just one console?

*It was not the first game to do this, though. Call of Duty:  Ghosts did the same thing… only for PS4.

Now people have come up with a Twitter hashtag called #PS4NoParity to complain. Here’s a Twitter search on it. As it’s common in this things, some are even calling for people not to buy Unity, in protest. People want the strongest console to have the best looking version of the game.

More of this reaction tweets can be seen in Kotaku’s article on the subject.

In the end, we can only wait. Will Ubisoft revise their decision? Will they issue a 1080p patch for one or both consoles? Will sales of Unity really be affected by this campaign? And, above all… DOES THIS MATTER? Yes, people virtually kill each other with words on the web for a few extra pixels every day, but does this even affect the quality of the game? What if Unity ends up being the best damned AC game ever? Will people not play it because of a few less pixels? Now, I’m not saying that what Ubisoft is doing is ok/smart, but we as gamers should be putting more emphasis on how good the game will be… shouldn’t we?


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