Cancelling Plus for Driveclub delay?


After months of waiting for the announced Playstation Plus exclusive demo version of Driveclub, players were expecting it to be released yesterday during the regular Playstation Store update. Alas, the update came and went and there was no sign of it. Today it was revealed that the Plus version has been delayed, and the developer has cited that they’re ironing out network issues that are hurting even the normal version (which did came out yesterday).

What prompted me to write a blog post about this? That I find it curious how some people are threatening to cancel their Plus subscription because of this.

In case you don’t know: Playstation Plus is a service ($49,99/year) that Playstation players use to access features like cloud saves, online play (for PS4), automatic updates and downloads, and finally (and most known & popular) the free games. Ok, not free… when you get these games you can access them all you want as long as your sub is still active. However, the amount of value the service offers just in games far exceeds the yearly cost.

Now that Driveclub’s Plus Edition is missing in action, players are pissed. Players have been waiting for almost a year for this game (it has been delayed before), and what’s perhaps worst of all is that Sony was silent on the subject, leaving players to speculate on exactly why this game was missing from the update. Some even took to the extreme of saying they were gonna cancel (or had just done so) their Playstation Plus sub.


I understand that there may be some people in the world that subbed to Plus just for Driveclub – though why wouldn’t they just spend the money on the regular complete edition instead? But cancelling all Plus’ benefits, services and “free” games because of this? We see overreacting all the time in the world, and in the game world as well. But come on… Plus is a great service with great value. My backlog of games is borderline criminal! Who will leave all this behind because one game has server issues and has its Plus version delayed?


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