FFXIV FanFest 2014

The day has come! The first Final Fantasy XIV player celebration and gathering has come! Taking place in Las Vegas this weekend, lots of players are already there or on their ways to have a weekend where they’ll celebrate Eorzea and this fantastic game that has captured our hearts. Many will also enjoy meeting with their fellow players, FC members or Twitter friends in real life for the first time!

I haven’t hidden my sadness about not being able to go in the past. I live in South America. In Ecuador to be precise. Travelling to the United States is not only a moderately difficult process (paperwork and Visa) but also an expensive one as well – expenses that are simply out of the question at the moment. Booking vacations at work, paying for the chance to get a visa, hotels, day-to-day expenses (in an expensive city), transportation and of course, souvenirs… too much. So I knew I wasn’t going from the very beginning, but still a bit sad I cannot be there.

Lots of people there I’d love to meet: Vergil, Denmo, Cirrisian, Calaera, and many many more from Twitter. And of course, the dev team! I have joined a LINE group with people who are there, and plan to become a virtual remora and catch the latest news from players who are there.

Souvenirs are another matter entirely. Even if someone decided to buy me a small thing (*wink wink*), sending it would require expenses… not to mention I’m not even sure how the recent local laws would affect a package sent from abroad. That red FanFest t-shirt tweeted yesterday though… NNNGGGHHH.

In the end, I can do nothing more than wish all attending players a heck of a good time, that they may have fun meeting fellow Eorzeans, find their Free Company banner to rally to, and /hug and /wave (and /slap!) friends! Enjoy the event! Here’s to hoping it’s not the last of its kind! Amid the sadness, I’m happy the game we love has such events! May you all ever walk in the light of the Crystal!


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