FanFest and reveals – My thoughts!

Final Fantasy XIV‘s info barrage weekend (a.k.a. FanFest 2014) is over, so now I can share my thoughts on what info we have. Gonna start with the 2.4 trailer released Friday morning:

First off, while it’s not in the video, it was said that this patch is launching on October 28. That’s just over a week away! The horror! Ready for that sexy Ninja job! Ok, I’ll say times and what I think about what’s shown!

  • 0:29 Shiva! We knew she was coming! Slippery floors?
  • 1:10 Rogue! I’m stupidly excited for this. I’m sure it’s not gonna be the same as World of Warcraft‘s Rogue, but being a dagger-wielding & stealth-walking killing machine is in my blood! We’ll see how it plays out. I have to say I’m a tiny bit sad that Rogue is a class and not a job. Fun fact: I’m starting to think a Lala isn’t gonna be the best looking Rogue – I’m not paying $10 for a Fantasia, though.
  • 1:35 Stealth. Sweet, sweet Stealth. How will it work?
  • 2:02 Ninja! The job that follows the Rogue class, another staple from the FF series. Looks to play fast and furious, with flashy spells and all around sexy powers. It’s AF is Shadow‘s gear from Final Fantasy VI and I’m definitely aiming for it. One thing confuses me: isn’t the Ninja job taught by Jugiri, the Doman? How come she’s the only Doman that is from the new race?
  • 2:42 Oh **** yeah, Hildibrand! I can’t hide my love for this side story. Thank the Twelve the team brought him back for 2.0! They sometimes express their surprise at how popular the character has become – yet how can it not? He’s excellent comic relief and his side quests are filled with laughter and amusing situations. Bonus: Gilgamesh Greg returns and we will fight Ultros & Typhoon! How can this not be a win?!
  • 3:11 New craft recipes! Different gear, some inspired by Final Fantasy XI, others just plain great. Peek at the wedding Eternal Bond attire, I think.
  • 3:28 Snowcloak dungeon preview. Looks great! Music also fits quite nicely. It appears to heavily recycle enemy “bone” structures, but at least they have new shells! We could have just gotten recolored assets, so I’m thankful for that. Final boss is Fenrir. A primal in other FFs, here’s he’s just a dungeon boss, like Diabolos. Not 100% thrilled but at least we get to fight them – and the fight looks good.
  • 4:26 Qarn HM. Oh dear, one of the most hated dungeons from 2.0 returns in Hard mode. It’s, like all of XIV’s HMs, different from the original (you apparently take different routes) so it should be interesting. People will probably come in with prejudice, though.
  • 5:17 Sastasha HM. Again, different from before. Is… is that an Antlion? The dungeon seems to be filled with fishmen… pirates? A nod to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Final boss is the giant Kraken seen in the Hullbreaker Isle – you fight his head this time. Again, dungeon looks great.
  • 6:07 Final Coil of Bahamut. The hardest challenge for raiders is here, featuring 4 turns with a couple of yet-to-be-revealed bosses and the conclusion to the Bahamut storyline, complete with a smaller Dalamud seen in the trailer. We do get one big spoilerish moment in the trailer, though. Dat Bahamut! We get a small peek at the new gear which looks nice… but the video is not too clear. Place looks inmense. We are teased the “truth“… what could it be?
  • 7:15 Main quest preview. We see a couple of Elezen (probably from Ishgard), and after a few shots of the Scions, there’s a shot of someone that looks quite like the Emperor of the Garlean Empire. Alas, in artworks he’s represented as an old man. Who is this Garlean? Is he taking over after the Emperor? How do Garleans play a part in the following events? We get a short appearance of an Ascian.

An exciting trailer preparing us for what’s to come! I’m excited for the Rogue class and Ninja job, the Hildibrand quests and the main story developments. I’m also looking forward to Shiva, though I haven’t yet done Ramuh EX so I won’t be seeing her EX fight until I get that done.

And just when we thought that was gonna be the highlight of the FanFest, the opening ceremonies blew everyone away with a teaser (CG) trailer for the first Final Fantasy XIV expansion: Heavensward.

While it doesn’t say much, it does show that we’re finally going to visit the Holy See of Ishgard… and Dragoons, whatever their stigma in the game, are still a pretty cool design.There was a bunch of information revealed later: new playable race (still undisclosed, but mentioned it was going to be Yugiri’s race), continent of Dravania (couple of areas shown in video form), airships for Free Companies, new dungeons, level cap increase, and new jobs… one of which was trollingly teased by Yoshi-P to be related to “Nolan’s Batman“!

More info on 2.4 came in the Live Letter, revealing Ninja’s subclass and cross-class (PUG and LNC, respectively), an increase in the amount of housing plots and other standard information. 2.5 was heavily teased as having the much awaited Gold Saucer and even the Triple Triad mini-game from Final Fantasy VIII was said to be coming!

The FanFest ended with a concert by Soken‘s band, The Primals, playing – guess what? – Primal themes! The highlight though was seeing the Mr. Koji Fox (lead translator and now fan superstar) performing all the voices for the Good King Moogle Mog theme live, complete with hats and faces! Watch the video before it’s taken down! 😀

All in all, and exciting weekend full of info for Eorzeans everywhere. I’m so sad I couldn’t go to the FanFest this year, so here’s to wishing I can attend next year… or the next… or someday. A big shout and “Thank you!” to all who went and kept sharing pictures and video of the news for us folk who could not attend. Wish I can be present to share the exciment of moments like this:

May we all ever walk in the Light of the Crystal.


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