Music Friday: Navigator’s Glory

Morning! Let’s all thread together through the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

For this first Music Friday (because I couldn’t come up with a better name for a “Friday where I talk about music“) I chose this theme which just happened to pop up on my phone while driving to work: Navigator’s Glory a.k.a. The Theme from Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV 1.0.

I’m an Ul’dah guy, yet even I have to admit that Limsa has undeniable charm! I often stop and look at the scenery whenever I have to visit the sea-blessed capital of La Noscea. Limsa at night is simply a sight to behold, and for a person who isn’t too fond of beaches or coastal towns this is rare! The current Limsa themes are fantastic in their own merit – the daytime BGM is grand while the nighttime theme is definitely on my top list of songs from the 2.0 soundtrack. But you can’t deny the charm from the original theme! It was composed by Nobuo “the man” Uematsu himself.

So enjoy the theme, here in its Distant Worlds rendition. Come on! Leave your Captain’s Hat on the perch, grab some ale and kick back with a relaxing view of the Noscean Ocean (hey, those rhyme…)!


How do you like this idea? Setting a day of the week to talk about a specific subject: music! Video game music, of course! I’m gonna select songs I like, and while MOST of them will be from Final Fantasy (yes, I am a fan) I will definitely include themes from other games!


Share your thoughts!

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