Rogues, Rogues everywhere

2.4 is here! Shiva’s patch has come and we Eorzeans are already digging into what the patch has to offer. I haven’t had the chance to do a lot yet – thank you, work – but I’m looking forward to every minute of it. I guess not having enough time to consume all interesting content will make the patch “last longer”… oh, who am I kidding? I want to go home and play!


Last night I managed to start the Main Story Quests, picking up after 2.3 and ready to continue the hunt of the elusive Lady Iceheart. I’m not going to spoil any of the developments ocurring at the moment, but I’m interested in seeing where it all takes us. I also opened the HM Qarn dungeon and am in the way of opening Snowcloak, the new dungeon where we fight Fenrir. I still haven’t opened Sastasha Satasa Shastasa the dungeon with the pirates but I’m certain my travels will take me to Limsa pretty soon.

Begin shameless plug

Speaking of Limsa, did you check the first “Music Friday” post? It’s precisely the 1.0 theme of Limsa Lominsa! Go check it out!

End shameless plug


While I am ridiculously excited for Rogue and Ninja, I’ve decided to hold off on those for the moment. I’ve been reading across the Twitterverse and the Blogosphere that everyone and their mom is leveling one which is making fields across Eorzea a dagger-fest, and dungeon queues are taking extreme amounts of time – expected when you add a DPS class and no tanks or healers to supplement it. I’m sure to feel the impact of it soon, being a BLM, but it’s not like I’ve a shortage of things to do while I wait for a queue: deliveries, postman quests, map farming, beast tribe dailies, engaging in dancing with the local Cactuarites

Also, right after I finish the main quests (or if I find the quest giver early in my travels) I’ll be sure to do the best thing that every patch brings: the new Hildibrand quests – hilarious entertainment with appearances from old series staples like Greg Gilgamesh, Ultros and Chupon Typhon? Sign me up! I also want that Ultros minion!

Isn’t he awesome? Surely plotting something evil (that will probably fail)…

Finally, just wanna quickly touch the controversial Cash Shop. I’ve already shared my thoughts on it so no point in repeating them. However we now know the price of Sleipnir, Odin’s mount, which as far as we know can’t be obtained any other way (perhaps as a random drop when the Primal’s battle comes in 2.5?). He sells for a hefty $25 (for reference, it’s the same price WoW sells its mounts for). Many people complained about it, yet many others went and bought the thing. As I said in my post:

The only conclusion that can come of it is that there isn’t, and there will never be, a consensus – Sagacyte

I’ve started quoting myself. I’d better stop. SO! How is this Shiva-era Eorzea faring for you, adventurer?


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