Music Friday: Orbital relaxation

Morning! Let’s all thread together through the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Music Friday! Silly name, not silly tunes! Today I’m sharing an interesting piece… or rather, pieces. Ever since being in the technical Alpha, Destiny has surprised me with its music – be it serene tunes to match the quiet of space or upbeat battle themes for when you’re out of ammo and two feet away from a Praetorian (spoiler alert: you’ll die).

The video up above contains all of Destiny’s pieces that play when you’re in orbit, just idling there before actually selecting a destination. There are two pieces in particular that I really enjoy: the first plays right at the start of the video and the second one at 07:35. They’re both fantastic, great for the moment they represent and whenever they come up I take a little bit longer before selecting my next adventure. The second one, in particular, which goes on up until about 09:40 would be right at home in any Hollywood space blockbuster.

UPDATE: This second section apparently has a name itself, and it’s called “Excerpt From The Ecstasy“. It is one of Kotaku’s best music tracks of 2014. I’m very glad to see it there, it truly is fantastic. I re-link it, independent of the previous video I posted:

While we are talking about Destiny: this week I took on the raid (Vault of Glass) for the first time. It’s raiding in first person. Every bit of awesome as that sounds!


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