Assassin’s Woes

Ubisoft is gonna remember this week. They released two new Assassin’s Creed games: Unity and Rogue, the former a new-gen take on the French Revolution and the latter… I have no idea what it is about. The internet is having its fun with Unity, which has taken the spotlight but perhaps not for the best reasons.

ACU is probably gonna sell lots of copies. It’s been lauded for its incredible French setting and it is visually worthy of a next current-gen title, and the internet is abuzz with awesome captures, such as this:

qa1y6zvrsxs3veen1hkuWait, that’s not what was supposed to appear. Let me try another awesome screenshot from ACU:


There we go! No… not again! One more, please!


ACU may not be remembered as a high point in the history of the franchise. Even before launch, there was controversy because even though there is 4 player co-op mode the developers weren’t including female Assassins because, in short, they were too much work. At a later date, developers stated they were making both PS4 and X1 versions of the game run at the same resolution “to avoid all the debates and stuff” – comments that sparkled internet rage and the #PS4NoParity hashtag on Twitter*.

* Up to this point, most multi-platform games had a resolution advantage on PS4. These ran in 1080p, whereas the X1 version usually ran around 900p.

But it’s launch time! The internet is abuzz with reports of performance issues on all 3 systems (PS4, X1 & PC) with framerates frequently dipping below 30fps, bugs regarding character movement or rendering and – as shown in the scenes above – sometimes the game failing to display textures or models properly. Members of the popular NeoGAF forums started making fun of the issues, spawning memes with these glitches, while Kotaku made a fun post capturing a lot of glitches.

Ok, enough making fun of ACU. On the bright side, there are people that have no issues (or, in the case of framerates, don’t care too much) and share beautiful glitch-free screenshots. Arno seems like a likable character and the game seems to be, above all, unmistakably Assassin’s Creed – surely fans of the series won’t complain. I myself haven’t touched AC since I abandoned ACIII midway through the game, and I’ve yet to ask a friend to lend me ACIV to take it for a spin. Unity looks like… more of the same. If the story is good and the characters are likeable, I see no issue with it. I may play this in the future.


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