Onwards to Draenor!

As the horde of World of Warcraft players ventures forth into the new, time altered version of Draenor (a.k.a. Pre-Legion Outland) I stand at the sides of the road, sitting on a rock, waving goodbye to heroes and thinking of the past, while I caress my old trusty Fangs.

I play WoW no longer yet I still remember the days of fighting against maniacal princes, world-destroying dragons and pandas power-hungry rulers. The game that formed my taste for MMOs – vertical progression, theme park – and one I immensely enjoyed for 5 years. Met a lot of wonderful people and had incredible experiences.

With WoD releasing people are flocking to the new continent to start a new adventure, while I reminisce. I didn’t buy WoD, as most of my time these days goes between Final Fantasy XIV and Destiny, but I follow the news closely – I wanna know how the story develops as well. You don’t spend 5 years of your life devoted to a virtual world and not expect to not care about it.

My most important piece of advice: don’t rush it. It’s not that the first hours are probably gonna be laggy and difficult to play thanks to the thousands of players flooding the servers. It’s because this is a world crafted for you to explore and enjoy – see the sights, meet the NPCs, admire the new enemy models and animations (Blizz is very good with this). Listen to the music.

Onwards, adventurers! Explore for me, tell me of your adventures and spoil my thirst for lore! The past… A PAST awaits, stop it from becoming our future!



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