Corny post of the year

*Warning! This post is gonna be short, corny and almost cliche.

Hello guys. Just wanted to share feelings for a second… *audience’s eyes roll*

A couple of days ago I felt the most horrifying thing I’ve ever felt. It was as if a void formed in my chest, and then it expanded to engulf my whole body, all in the lapse of two seconds. I inmediately went to the company’s medical offices where I had my blood pressure (BP) measured – it was a bit high: 140/90 (normal is around 120/70). During the next days it has sort of settled at 120/80-90 and I’m checking it regularly. On top of that I feel something’s… off. I won’t say it’s pain, but it’s a funny sensation in my chest.

I have already started taking measures: cutting greasy foods and planning walks every night when I get home. Cuts a bit into my gaming time but this is obviously more important. Now I’m not here to tell you my woes so that you feel… anything in particular. I’m here to tell you this:

Enjoy stuff. WoW servers down? Calm down, it’s normal for a launch game. Group isn’t progressing in XIV? Take a breather, find something else to do. Atheon gave everyone exotics but you just got a Chatterwhite? Equip that shit and be fabulous. Unity has framerate issues? Wait for a patch, or find something else. What I’m saying is: don’t let yourself be bogged down with silly things. There are far worse things that could happen to you than a laggy launch or a sucky RNG.

Corny. I know. Just wanted to share. Happy weekend, guys!


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