Music Friday: On Four-Winged Dragons

Morning! Let’s all thread together through the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

I have no idea why Flammie’s Theme came to mind today, to be honest. I guess it’s just that I really like it. This BGM is from the SNES RPG Secret of Mana and plays whenever you ride the flying beast, Flammie – which serves the function as the “airship” of the game. Nice Mode 7 overworld to explore, clear skies and cool music atop a dragon… SNES RPG Golden Age, right?


Secret of Mana was a fun game. I bought it thinking it was more like Final Fantasy (menu driven, ATB) but instead is a mix of real time combat with menu elements for magic and equipment. Has a fantastic soundtrack (which is one of the first I ever bought) as well!

Take to the skies with this track and get ready to fly to the wonderful weekend in the sky!


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