Name that fear!

Hey guys, remember a few weeks ago when I made a post about having a fear of the dark open ocean and how it translated to games? Turns out I’m not alone in that. That particular phobia has a name: Thalassophobia.

As it stands, Thalassophobia is related to a fear of the sea, but varies on its trigger. In some cases it’s just the sea itself, but others fear the open sea, or the dark waters of the deep ocean. A particular sub-set refers to fear of big creatures lying under the waters in the ocean.

leadWhat does this have to do with gaming? Well, besides what I said in the previous post, not much. But I did find this cool article referring the condition: Thalassophobia and Far Cry 3. This in turn led me to another nice article about this very thing (gaming and the fear of water): Living and gaming with thalassophobia. Both are very good reads. It may be difficult to understand for people who don’t have the fear, but it’s both scary and fascinating to think our brain can be tricked to trigger real fears via a video game!


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