Los Santos with new eyes – and a question!

UPDATE (21/11/2014): Last night I played with audio settings and started changed the audio output method (tv, headphones, stereo speakers, surround speakers) and between tries the audio fixed itself: regular audio from speakers, phone calls and police radio come from the DS4 controller! Perhaps it was just a glitch. Happy camper here 😀

Last night I finally got a chance to play some next current generation Grand Theft Auto V and like the good sheep that I am the first thing I did was activate the new first person view mode.


A first for the GTA universe, you are now able to step into the virtual eyes of your character and admire the city of Los Santos in a whole different light – and play the whole game (minus cutscenes) like this. My first impression was of confusion and awkwardness. The controls themselves are slightly different than most first person games out there but that is fixable – the game has a “standard FPS” setting that pretty much solves that. I still have to get used to the way you look and move, for I have yet to find the sensitivity setting to suit my needs.


Exploring Los Santos this way is a game changer. Rockstar has tweaked textures, models, animations and pretty much everything else: streets look more detailed, posters and flyers are readable, the new lightning engine allows for sunsets and sunrises that are an improvement over the already gorgeous visuals of previous gen. To top it off, there’s even more music than before with dozens of new songs. A GAF thread with amazing shots proves the visuals are something else. There’s even the Twitter hashtag #gtaphotographers showcasing what people are doing with this game.


The Dualshock 4 has been utilized in a few useful ways – one leads to the question I mentioned in the title. The light bar will change colors depending on which character you’re managing, and will flash red and blue when you’re being followed by the police. It’s a pretty neat detail, if you ask me. The touch pad is used to change weapons and radio stations with a flick of the finger.

The neatest (and most frustrating) feature is that phone calls and police chatter (when you’re wanted) will come from the DS4 speaker. This is a cool little detail. However, I have a small problem with this, and it is the question I would like to ask help with. As it stands, whenever something is coming out of the DS4 speaker, it also comes out from the TV, creating a double audio effect that’s annoying; I can’t even make out what they’re saying. Fiddling with the audio settings allows me to turn the functionality off, but no setting to kill these particular audio events from the TV.

So here’s the question: is there a way to do that – mute phone calls and police radio chatter from the TV but not from the DS4? If so, what setting am I missing that does this? As it stands now, it’s a neat feature but I have to turn it off because I can’t make out phone calls. I would love to keep it on.

Update: Problem fixed, read above!

Would appreciate any help via comments or directly to my Twitter. Thanks in advance!



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