Music Friday: Welcome to Los Santos

Morning! Let’s all thread together through the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Besides the regular Expert Roulette in Final Fantasy XIV and farming some Strange Coins in Destiny, this week has been marked by the launch of the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V. To honor this, I made a post yesterday and today I continue it with a Music Friday dedicated to the game.

This song plays during the intro cutscene, accompanied by several takes of the glitz and glamour of Los Santos, and culminates with the player finally gaining control of Franklin, the first of GTAV’s trio of protagonists. It’s a fun song, fitting nicely with what the virtual city is: a beautiful place with a lot of dirty secrets and criminals.

I’ve played only a few hours of the game, recently gaining access to Michael (the 2nd protagonist), and I’ve done it all in first person view: now more accustomed to it, I can safely say it’s a great addition. I’ve sometimes chosen to walk to bask in the sights and sounds of the city – and I haven’t even gone to the surrounding deserts yet!

Get ready for the weekend! Take a car (any car) and drive to the outskirts, marvel in the view and climb Mount Chilliad – the world is yours.


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