Finding new things in GTAV

I can’t believe how much I missed.

I admit it: when I played Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS3 almost a year ago I didn’t play to complete it. My goal was finishing the main story, after which I shortly dabbled (and failed) in the online component before returning to Eorzea, a relatively new world at the time. After I finished, my stepson took over the PS3 and I randomly caught glimpses of things I’d missed – such as the quests with T’s mom.

But this weekend I started playing GTAV on PS4 with a different mind set: follow threads. Where I before ignored e-mails indicating side activites, I now followed them. I started checking the in-game internet stuff. I’ve tried things I didn’t before. And I’ve found fun stuff!


I never did any of the Maude stuff (or most of the Strangers and Freaks missions, to be honest) but now I took the time to drive there. I was surprised that they aren’t missions that mark your destination but rather just tell you the general area where the target is. The first objective was in the quarry, a location that I had not revealed on the map yet. This is where I usually go online and look for a guide – not this time: took a mountain bike and started climbing hills to get a better view until I found my destination and my target. Next mission is finding a guy on a farm… will I find him eventually?


I never even knew Omega existed. His clue to find that which he requires, a simple photo in a small smartphone screen, doesn’t say much. But he exists! He’s in one of the next gen trailers and I honestly thought he was new content. For real.


I thought the Epsilon thing was just a fun joke about the world. There’s a whole building just south of Michael’s house! And if you go to the website there’s even a questionnaire which leads to a side quest. I’ve only done the first step. I still understand nothing, yet it seems that means I understand everything.

I only did the first Cletus mission back then. I didn’t know you could go with him to hunt deer. Or that it becomes an activity to do so afterwards. Hunting was really fun, particularly with the new foliage which made it harder and more exciting. Speaking of wildlife, Franklin has a whole set of tasks for a side mission involving taking pictures of several animals! I assume this is new, since many of the critters asked for are new to this version.


Nigel was another fun find: an elderly British couple scouring Los Santos for celebrity trash and memorabilia. They’re the “We’re not worthy” couple from the trailer. Never seen them before. Apparently I’ll need to find stuff for them, or do quests later on.

And finally, another little fun detail: while pursuing Lazlow (an entertainer) during the mission “Fame or Shame” I decided to switch my camera to “cinematic” mode (by pressing circle). It’s very difficult to play like this, since you’re seeing the action from weird camera angles – even worse during a high-speed chase. The camera closely followed Lazlow’s car and, to my surprise, I started hearing what he was saying! Cursing his day, talking about his manager, silly funny stuff. Meanwhile, in my vehicle, Michael and Trevor were having their own conversation. In other words: you can only hear one of them at the time. It’s a nice little detail! I’m confident this was in the PS3 version as well, it’s just not the kind of thing that you normally do.


There’s lot more stuff to do and find! So much more to do and find! Not even counting the underwater stuff! Just another reason why the GTA games are wonderful micro-universes and their virtual cities are celebrated as the best in the business. Can’t wait to see what else can I find! Kifflom, brother.


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