Prepare to die. Again. In HD.

Souls. Ah, Souls. Fantastic games. For some weird cosmic reason the only one I’ve ever finished is Demon’s Souls; I always stop midway through the others because I get distracted by another game. They are a door into my childhood – to a time when games didn’t handle things easily and challenge was the name of the game. Trial & Error – Souls games are all about trial and error: trying and failing-failingfailing over and over until you succeed and come out a better player from it.

Dark Souls II coming to the Playstation 4 is news, but not surprising. Rumors have made the rounds for a while now. But I am still very excited for the prospect of once more playing (and hopefully completing) this little gem.

I do have the game for PS3. Or rather, my step son has it. He’s the house’s Souls aficionado, platinum’ing all 3 PS3 offerings and obsessing over stats, details and lore. While he was downstairs destroying his Dualshock 3, I was upstairs enjoying the game in my PC… obtained through less… speakable means. Got up to a dragon sleeping in a big cage, right after a corridor in a castle. No, I’m not that knowledgeable of the lore as he is – for me the Souls games are all about gameplay. Fine-tuned, sweet gameplay.

The release date is April 7th, 2015. A few weeks before the successor to the Souls’ legacy: Bloodborne. Almost makes me wonder if Sony will offer Dark Souls I as a Playstation Plus offering for that month. Imagine! 3 Souls games during the same month? Wouldn’t that be something?

What’s that? People complaining that PS4 gets ANOTHER remaster? Sorry, I’m too busy fantasizing about… fighting this… big dragon in… full HDDAMN F**K C**T MOTHERF***ING SON OF A B***H!

Even in fantasies, you die in Souls games. Umbasa, friend!



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