We don’t have Thanksgiving down here. I’m not familiar with the lore behind the holiday, and the underlying mechanics of the date elude me. All I know is what I’ve seen on tv, movies and – for almost two decades now – the internet. In the end, what I like to see the most is turkey just people being thankful. Some are thankful for their health, others for economical reasons; some are just thankful to be alive, or for having their families with them.

Today is no different. My Twitter is full of pictures of turkeys people thanking the mighty God of the internet for their families, friends and… life itself.

I created my Twitter gaming account a bit over a year now (June 2013) and in this time I’ve met a lot of wonderful people to share stories and likes with. People like @linalista, @eevalution, @kjggoro,  @vergilrenata, @tsundereikemen, @zelu_1984, @_angelofgrace_, @ryuhkin, @cirrisian, @devisaidso, @ranulf_squires, @belghast and many, MANY more that have made the experience fun – too many to link all of you here. I’m thankful for all of them, for meeting them and having them being part of the experience, both in-game and outside.

I also thank you for taking the time to read this.

Of course I’m also thankful for my life and stuff, but that outside the scope of our digital lives. What are you thankful for?


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