Back in the Syrcus

I’ve been really out of focus lately – ever since the chest pains started I’ve not paid enough attention to my online personas. Thankfully a medical check-up cleared me of any real heart or lung issue, but doctor’s think it’s a case of anxiety – possibly related to lack of proper sleep. I’ve been doing that and I must concede that chest pains have practically disappeared, so it’s time to get back in the fray and… oh dear, I’m so behind!


With patch 2.45 coming to Final Fantasy XIV in a week comes a new step in the Relic weapon chain, and I still haven’t reached Nexus stage. I have a LOT of light to farm, not to mention capping my weekly Poetics. I was supposed to help @ps4weisson‘s char to cap Poetics as well, but I’ve completely let all responsibilities go down the drain. I’m gonna be realistic for a moment and face the fact that I won’t have the Nexus by the time the patch hits, so I’ll just focus on doing things slowly – the grail of this casual life I pretend to be living now.


Speaking of casual life, while waiting for a dungeon queue I visited my Free Company’s house for the first time, a small but very cozy house located in the Mist Housing Area (La Noscea). I’m not a beach person but the Mist feel and looks make me re-consider that. The house being small is a big difference from my previous FC’s huge manor, but this feels familiar, safer, cuter. It helps that the interior (and exterior) decoration was handled by a very talented guildie, Cylladora, whose personal room is also a wonder.


We jumped into a Syrcus Tower run with some guildies after that. I had not set foot into ST for weeks and I’d forgotten just how much fun it is! It also has some of the best music this game has to offer. There were new people but DPS was enough that we managed to skip some mechanics for the boss battles. I had absolutely forgotten that ST, with its loot restrictions lifted, is now a good source of Sands & Oils of Time, items I should use to upgrade the tank’s gear – for in reality I don’t have plans to level the Ninja any time soon.


I’m starting to think the change to casual life – or rather what led to it – is part of the reason I have anxiety. Sounds crazy, but I can’t think of anything else as stressing as this has been, lately. For now, I’m happy enjoying pool parties with the guildies, looking slick with my sunglasses. Guess I’ll ponder about life and stuff and maybe share it in another post. For now, I’ll go back to relaxing with FFXIV and GTAV. See you all around the block.



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