Music Friday: Playstation Medley

Morning! Let’s all thread together through the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

This video was released on Wednesday by the Playstation Access Youtube channel. It’s a medley of several themes from well known (mostly) games that have graced Playstation Systems. It’s a wonderful addition to the 20th anniversary celebrations, and a hell of a nostalgia punch to those of us that have played those games. I’m missing a couple, to be sure, but many are instantly familiar! Which ones do I remembered?

0:34 – Unmistakable Crash Bandicoot – The mascot for the system for quite a few years, starring in a group of games that were challenging and fun. Wife loves them, even if she dies constantly! Crash games lost some of their quality when they branched out to other systems, but the first trilogy is definitely a crucial part of Playstation history.

0:56 – ??? – Not familiar with this theme, to be honest (edit: it’s Tekken, but I’m not that big of a fighting game fan).

1:18 – Metal Gear Solid – Iconic theme from the franchise. One of the best games to come out from the Playstation era (though the series was born on earlier systems) that has become one of the best series of all time in my eyes. Waiting for The Phantom Pain!

1:38 – Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec – I was surprised to hear this theme, as I’d almost forgotten it! It’s the music that plays while on the garage/menus. That game had an amazing soundtrack. The graphics were incredible at the time and I had many hours of fun.

1:53 – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – While my favorite GTA from the PS2 era is Vice City, no one can deny the impact SA had. The biggest GTA map at the time, 3 cities to explore, a star-packed cast, and a great story following C.J. and the mystery behind his mother’s death. One of the best games of its generation.

2:18 – Final Fantasy X – As the first FF to hit the PS2 and the first to feature voice acting, the game had much to live up to. There are some that are not too fond of its story, but I count X in my favorite FFs for its fun combat system, nice soundtrack and the tragic lover’s tale of Yuna & Tidus. Great game.

2:43 – ICO – I wasn’t sure of this at first, but the theme definitely has an ICO vibe. I first played ICO on PS3, in the remaster that was released a while ago. Interesting game, definitely understand why it became a classic. Its follow-up, Shadow of the Colossus, is another PS2 stalwart.

3:11 – God of War – The powerful theme of the GoW saga is instantly recognizable. Popular during the PS2 days, the 3rd entry was one of the most wanted titles on the PS3. I still remember GoWIII as it was such an incredibly looking game. Not even Ascension could outdo it.

3:41 – Uncharted – A franchise born on the PS3, it stars Nathan Drake in globe spanning adventures searching for famous ruins and archeological treasures while fighting rivals and perhaps a few things that are out of the normal realm! The saga includes what many consider to be the best PS3 game ever: Uncharted 2.

4:16 – Little Big Planet – Sackboy’s game is a weird monster! It’s a platforming game that hides a mindblowing amount of options that allow you to create (and share) your own levels. A “game making game“. The sequel expanded upon this tools greatly.

4:51 – Skyrim – Not an exclusive, yet it was one of the biggest hits on the system and the generation; even despite all of its problems and bugs. Massive open world game that is still enjoyable, much like all its predecessors.

5:25 – The Last of Us – Perhaps the last great PS3-era exclusive, this game is a hardcore story set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity itself may just be your biggest enemy. Later remastered for the PS4, it’s one of the crowning jewels of the PS3.

6:04 – ??? – Not familiar with this one, either. (edit: Tearaway).

6:23 – Resogun – One of the PS4’s launch titles. A sidescrolling shooter about rescuing humans and destroying everything on your path. It looks impressive, and everything explodes in tiny little blocks that litter the stage. Considered by some to be the best of the PS4’s launch line-up.

7:05 – Destiny – The latest hit to grace PS4, this loot-driven space opera FPS was slammed by critics, but people still can’t stop playing it. The mechanics are just plain good.

7:27 – I lol’ed.


How many did you recognize?


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