X Joins The Port-a-thon! And $16 FFVII!

Oh, Square Enix, we love you. We do so not only because you’ve given us some of the best games and stories we will ever experience, but also the most sad and hilarious situations.

After an accidental post in the European online store (which was denied to hell and back) today it was confirmed that Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are indeed coming to Playstation 4 next year, in a package that at the moment seems to be just a port of the Playstation 3 HD remaster – no upgrades. There’s talk of undisclosed “system-exclusive features” but for all we know it could mean using the platform’s specific functions like Shareplay or screen captures. Wanna bet they include a video teaser for Final Fantasy X-3?

In related news: Final Fantasy VII port for PS4, known for the biggest troll direct announcement* in game history, will cost $16 when it releases. This morning the game it is supposed to be a port of – the PC version, which is in turn a port of the PS1 version – was just $11,99 on Steam; the Playstation 1 Classic version (port playable on PS3 and Playstation Vita) is $9,99. Port… funny word, that one.

*The biggest indirect troll has got to be Moby Dick Studios’ reveal of The Phantom Pain… you know the story.

I can’t remember where but I read somewhere of rumors of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (and even 1.5) HD port (port!) to make it to PS4. I’m willing to believe they’re next, too. And hey, fans have been clamoring for a FFXII HD port (PORT) for some time…

Oh, we love you Square Enix. Or should we say…



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