Hearing comprehension

Oh, SquareEnix, we love you. No, really, we do. Even if sometimes you do the silliest things, or say the most insane stuff that man can come up with. To be fair, for every “we’re bringing Final Fantasy VII to Playstation 4” fiasco there’s an event like the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest that took place this weekend.

A nice and interesting post popped today in the official Playstation Blog by SE, penned by Hajime Tabata (director for Type-0 and XV), wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and indeed, 2015 is a big year for Square in the FF front: Type-0 is releasing next year on PS4/X1 and XV is… still in development (but at least we have seen it to be in development!). The kicker, though, is the image displayed in the post:


This is a pretty nice way to start some Christmasy discussion and spread the holiday cheer, right? Right! Unless, of course, you look at the comments:

commentsAnd these are just the first 6 comments. Reading through the rest shows a great majority siding with this sentiment, with few antagonizing the mob – thankful that we are getting Type-0 at all.

The reason behind this negativity from the community isn’t entirely unfounded, though. For those out of the loop, some background: FF Type-0 was a PSP game originally part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe (a.k.a. the XIII universe), considered to be a worthy entry in the franchise. Fans wanted the game to be dubbed/subbed and brought to the rest of the world. The game never left Japan. When the Playstation Vita came out, many hoped SE would port or remake/master the game for the new console. During E3 2014, after the Sony conference there was an unfortunate accident. While fans were left wondering why there was no new XV or Kingdom Hearts 3 info (after 2013’s fantastic reveals) a quick and sudden post in the Playstation Blog announced what many had been expecting for years: Type-0 was coming, in HD, for Vita! Confirmed even by Sony’s Vita man, Shahid Kamal! However, after a few minutes, it was revealed that the post had a critical typo: Type-0 was coming to PS4 (and X1), not Vita. Fans got pissed.

Back to present day, SE saying “your voices made Type-0 HD possible” is a bit funny. They heard fans voices… just apparently they weren’t listening properly. Fans wanted it for Vita. Yeah, PS4 makes more financial sense, and we are getting Type-0 in some form (which is good news). But I can’t help but at least understand the angry side of the horde – I am also a Vita user.


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