2014 – The year that was (still is, but you get my meaning).

Time flies. During work days it does so at terribly slow speeds while it switches to warp speed during the weekends. Despite this the entire year 2014 seems to have gone by quickly and I feel that I haven’t had enough time to do all I wished to do. Of course this is incorrect: I’ve had time, I just have been terrible at organizing what little free time I have left. I blame Final Fantasy XIV.

This year saw the rise and fall of my FC due to some members going from “I thought XIV would be more like XI” to “XIV players are premature ejaculators, XI is for men“. That stopped me from raiding for quite some time, having a hard time finding what path to take in Eorzea. Luckily Twitter came to the rescue and some very fine people offered me homes. At first I joined @belghast’s Greysky Armada, a casual FC which taught me to have patience and enjoy my MMO life outside of trying to down digital dragons – and also to love sitting in a pond outside of the house.


More recently I returned to the raiding life thanks to @weiward’s FC Syv and have cleared some content I had in my bucket list (Ramuh and Shiva) and are working on clearing T9 – right where I left before my FC meltdown. It is also thanks to these friends that I’ve slowly been breaking my clumsiness about speaking in English via voice chat services such as Teamspeak.

Elsewhere I was fortunate enough to be gifted a Playstation 4 for my birthday and I’ve enjoyed games such as Infamous: Second Son, Grand Theft Auto V, Child of Light and Destiny. This last one took a lot of my casual time, and I enjoyed it very much. Alas, the pricing of the expansion and the amount of time it was taking away from XIV made me abandon it. I’m looking forward to next year games such as Type-0 and Bloodborne, not to mention my criminally long backlog of Playstation Plus and Steam games.


Another fun thing that happened this year was the place you’re reading this from this very moment: took the plunge to create a blog and share thoughts related to gaming. At worst it’s English practice, at best a way to share ideas with fellow gamers. It also opened a door to write posts (mostly replicas of what goes here) in the Blue Gartr forums/blogs, an opportunity that gave me a tremendous audience (something I still can’t quite believe).

All things considered this was a very good year for my digital self. I’ve met some wonderful people via Twitter, wrote a bunch of blog posts, I’ve relaxed my raider self, played some good games (and leave a lot in the bloody backlog!)… I just wish I had more time to do more. So here’s to hoping that the new year brings with it more good moments and wonderful people to meet!

So I wish all of you reading this a Happy New Year. May the Twelve bring you happiness, love, gil and loot. Hope to see you around next year!


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