Ready for the Fall

Happy 2.5 day, fellow Eorzeans! And for those of you not from the fair land, know that today is the launch day for Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest patch, titled “Before The Fall“. The first of three parts, it aims to close the storyline that began in the reboot, A Realm Reborn. There’s a middle patch with some fun stuff, and the final part will come in a couple of months. Today’s patch has been downloaded and everything’s set for me to get home at night and start enjoying the new content. After I leave work, that is!

I notice an interesting trend in my Twitter timeline today, with a lot of people wishing to not have certain aspects of the new content spoiled. Story stuff? Of course, few people could want the important story stuff spoiled. That’s not new. What people do not want to have spoiled are the encounters themselves. Strategies, mechanics, the flow of battle. An overwhelming number of XIV players I follow on Twitter have this idea.

It’s nice to see people actually wanting to “go blind” to new content in an MMO, a genre that is famous for having everyone follow the actions and guides of a select few who brave the content for loot or glory, as quickly as possible. No guides – no tips – begin the battle knowing nothing about what’s gonna happen, and react on the fly. Learn. Interesting concept.

Of course, there’s always those that don’t want to jump right into the fray and decide to take a more… leisurely path:

B70RJP9IIAAMRyTThank the Twelve for them!

It just occurred to me that I do not have a set of clothes like this. How am I to be a gentleman without it? Need to get on it… but first, I need to get out of this office!!!


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