Fourteen and One

The article this post is based on, from Dualshockers, is here:

Never have I been happier to think a Final Fantasy game could be coming to Xbox. Ok, yeah, I admit it: I’m one of those fans that wasn’t entirely happy when Final Fantasy made the jump to appear on Xbox as well as Playstation, and I’m not even talking about the performance issues of XIII, or the jokes about the disc capacity. It was that silly feeling that FF was (at that point) a Playstation thing. Of course that time has come and gone, and now we can all expect main Final Fantasies to show up on both consoles and even on PC as of late.

And so it was that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn skipped the Xbox 360/One entirely. The reason is very simple, rooted in a silly Microsoft tradition: multiplayer games are usually restricted to having servers be Xbox only, or at most Xbox/PC only. In other words: Xbox gamers can only play with Xbox gamers (and maybe PC). Seeing as XIV was heavily marketed as having Playstation players quest together with PC players, it was little surprise M$ passed on it – they don’t like the idea that Xbox gamers can play with Playstation gamers. Go figure.

Yoshi-P flashing an Xbox controller during the latest Live Letter seems to hint an upcoming Xbox port, doesn’t it? Now, calm your jets. As stated in the article and comments, PCs do accept Xbox controllers as methods of input, so this could just be the case and we’re all looking too much into it. Also mentioned is the possibility of PC/Xbox servers as a way to get the game on that system, though that would be a little weird, since all current servers can be played by either PC players or PS3/4 players. I can see NEW players going the PC/X1 route, but will they prefer to isolate themselves from the entire existing player base? It’s an odd idea.

Nevertheless, I guess bringing the game to X1 can only mean more players. In the case of an MMO, more players equals a healthier subscriber base, and that is good. Even if they play on their own servers there’s potential for the player base to expand and for the game to grow. So, while taking this news with a huge grain of salt, I’ll admit I would be glad if XIV comes to the X1. The more the merrier, right?


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