An Order of Hate

I’m gonna open being completely honest with you: The Order 1886 – Playstation’s latest exclusive for the PS4 – was never on my “radar”. Sure, I knew of it; it was just never in my “OMG I need to buy this” list. But there’s a few bits and pieces of information I’ve managed to get during all these weeks of previews and info: it’s a 3rd person cover-based shooter with great graphics. The game launches tomorrow and reviews are starting to trickle today. They are not good.

I have NOT played the Order. I haven’t pre-ordered The Order (heh). I’m being completely honest in saying that it’s a game that I’ve been fully expecting to be hitting Playstation Plus in a couple of years (if not sooner). Therefore I have no grounds to debate reviews/opinions of the game – from those that have already played it – saying it’s linear, that it is short, it has boring combat, lots of QTEs, and pretty much the only good thing it’s got going on are its graphics (and apparently audio/music/voices).

My question would be: why is it such a surprise?

1886 from the very start felt to me like that game that comes on early in the generation, has incredible visuals/audio but it’s just short and not particularly exceptional. It has also been very clear from the very first previews and gameplay reveals that it was going to be linear, cover-based, and QTE based. It’s a game that, were I to be dropped a copy in my hands, I would know exactly what to expect. I guess people just expected way more than was pretty obvious.

Do I think the reviews are harsh? Sure. There was a review around where one complaint was that it wasn’t easy to drop cover and just run and attempt a melee kill – against an armed enemy. Uh, ok. But hey, “reviews are opinions”, etc.

As usual, some people – particularly ones that claim to be Xbox fans (though not necessarily are) – have come out to social networks and review sites comment systems to celebrate the “failure” of 1886. I cannot express what I think to this any better than Twitter user already did:

Pathetic to see Xbots actually delighted a PS4 exclusive didn’t get good reviews. You are not gamers. You are assholes. Major assholes. – BROzKlair88


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