V is coming


A moment of silence for the poor IGN soul who, surely as a mistake, uploaded the Metal Gear Solid V video earlier than usual, which led it to being leaked and published everywhere on the ‘net revealing tomorrow’s surprise: The Phantom Pain is releasing September 1st.

Kojima has said in the video (or will say, if you didn’t manage to watch the leaked thing) that with TPP he’s finally “closing the loop” on the Metal Gear Solid saga. Does this mean that at some point in the game we will see Solid Snake heading off in the mission that began it all? Let me dream, damn it.

I’m super excited for TPP! I love MGS games, and the story they have been building since 1998 – which ended in MGS4 but was extended in the past timeline by Peace Walker. AND NO, RISING DOES NOT EXIST*. I CAN’T HEAR YOU. LALALALALA.

* For clarity, I’ll say that Rising is a very fun and enjoyable game. What I’m not too happy about is that it takes the world post-MGS4 and fucks up the sort-of “stable” lore that resulted in the post-Patriot events. Nanomachines, son.


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