This morning while doing my morning Twitter timeline reading I find that I’ve been “nominated” for a Liebster. No, no prize involved! It’s a form of questionnaire that a blogger proposes to another blogger. It’s a fun exercise and I’ve decided to take on the challenge placed by fellow blogger, gamer and former FC member: Belghast (do follow him on Twitter and read his blog… you might just become a part of the “Bel Effect“!). So, here we go!

What are the three major elements of your ideal video game?

Hmmm… while I do enjoy a few genres I tend to gravitate towards RPGs. They usually have the three elements I look for the most in a video game: A good story, memorable music, and a growth system for your character (namely, XP). That’s not indicative that I don’t enjoy games that lack one or more of these elements, but when the three combine, it’s usually glorious.

What’s the origin of your blogging name?

Oh boy, long one. Sagacyte is the handle I’ve gone with for… damn… about 20 years. Around 1995, at age 15, when I first got Internet access I started participating in communities and made up a handle that’s a mixture of two things I enjoyed at the moment: Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya. “Saga” comes from the name of a Saint Seiya character that represents my zodiac sign (Gemini). “Cyte” is a form of a common ending of the names of the bad guys in Sailor Moon’s first season. Thus… Sagacyte. I used the handle for blogging, gaming, web chats and it stuck.

As a fun fact I’ll say that very few people knew what the name meant until a few months ago. When my close friends found out (I talked about it on Twitter) they made sure to have their fun because it was Sailor Moon related.

My “last name”, Luxaloix, is an Elezenification of my first two real names; this means it was created for when I started playing Final Fantasy XIV, so it is far more recent.

What is your favorite biome?

Oh… um… *googles “biome“*. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to answer here – hohoho. I’ll just say that I enjoy the city more than anything outside of it, yet I do enjoy travelling every now and then for the sights. I would prefer if my city had a colder climate, though.

What is your favorite genre of movie?

No clear favorite. I enjoy any movie that “grips” me. Also, I don’t worry too much about the inconsistencies of movies so I enjoy them regardless of plot holes or glaring errors – I don’t care if it’s accurate or even plausible, I just care if it’s fun.

If I had to pick a genre then that would be science fiction. I would much rather watch a movie about space ships than a political thriller.

How did you get started blogging?

My first blog was created a long time ago and focused on talking about stuff happening in my life and city/country. It became quite “ranty” so I closed it. This blog was born of the need to sometimes share my thoughts on game-related topics without the 140 character limitation in Twitter.

What is your fondest childhood memory?

This question is conflicting because of a small truth: I have a terrible memory. It’s like when my mother likes to say that I have been to Atlanta (USA), but I have absolutely no recollection of that. I have a few glimpses of my childhood but nothing that would qualify as “fond”… not that I was unhappy, of course, it’s just that literally I have no particular memory that stands out.

What is your favorite in game “mount” and why?

Tough one. In WoW I liked the shark-like Netherdragon, because it looked cool and it was quite an effort to get one – but I used a Hippogryph more because their size was more fitting to enter buildings or small areas without my camera going insane.

In XIV I love my Chocobo. I adore the idea of a Magitek armor but the fact that the Chocobo can also double as a party member gives a bit of attachment to it.

Do you collect “mini pets” in game, and if so do you have a favorite?

I used to, during my WoW days. Curiously, Pet Battles killed that aspect of the game for me. I’m not sweating it much during my XIV days – I get whatever shows up but don’t go out of my way to farm them. I do like my Wind-up Gentleman, because it’s freaking Hildibrand.

Cats, Dogs or Something else?

Dogs, definitely dogs. I had dogs growing up but I never felt the kind of connection I have with my current pets (3 dogs). I guess it’s a matter of it being my own family, but I adore them. I do not think my life will ever be the same.

Describe your relationship with your automobile.

I’m not a car lover in the way most men tend to be: obsessed with the machine, its inner parts and stuff. I don’t even know most of the parts inside the hood! That said, I do enjoy my car and the related benefits it has. I took the time and effort to make a couple of stickers: a Black Mage and a Hildibrand logo. My car has to be a Gentleman!

What role of the holy trinity of tank/dps/healer fits your personality most?

DPS. Definitely DPS. I have never considered myself a “leader”. I’m very good at following orders and performing tasks – a part of the raid machine. I have a tank in XIV but that’s more for getting instant queues into dungeons; whenever I can get a tank or healer to go with me I always prefer to go as a Black Mage. During my WoW days, I was a Rogue.

And that’s it for this fun experiment! Now I’m not that familiar around the blogsphere, and the few bloggers I do know have already been tagged by Belghast. Therefore I open this challenge to anyone who wishes to do so.

Have a fun weekend, guys!


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