Heavensward (where the SE servers are going today)

Hear that? That’s the sound of Square Enix Store servers being scared shitless of the human avalanche that’ll try to pre-order the Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward expansion Collector’s Edition (that’s a mouthful). It has apparently already happened in the EU store, it will happen in the NA store.

Expect to see this a lot today.

I would say that Square Enix should have been prepared, but hey, it’s Square Enix. To be honest I’m not surprised and was fully expecting this to happen. Last few days the pre-order hype has been high on Twitter and I’m sure lots of players want to get their hands on the Collector’s Edition and its dragon figurine – even if most think the price is a bit too much. I was honestly expecting the price point to be around $120 from the start, so I’m not fazed – not that I’m getting that version, mind you. Importing a box of that size would be too much trouble.

I’m going with the digital edition, though I’m still on the fence between the regular and the “deluxe” edition. I’m not that excited for the extra items to be honest (even if Cecil’s DK helmet is a gut punch right in the feels). I’m also probably waiting a bit. No, I’m not waiting like I’ve done with Final Fantasy XIII-3 (which i still haven’t bought); I’ll probably try later in the afternoon when things have calmed down. I do have to check if the preorder unlocks early access… that I do want.

Coming back to the CE price, I was surprised when Metal Gear Solid V‘s CE was revealed to be $99.99 as I was expecting that one to cross the $120 price tag as well. Makes me wonder if the dragon figurine is just a tad bit overpriced – it does include an artbook and other stuff as well, though. Well, too late to think about that. The servers open soon. Thousands are ready. My thoughts are with the people behind the Square Enix Store’s servers – they’re in for a rough afternoon.



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