I played XV (and so did everyone else)

This is not a dream. I actually played some Final Fantasy XV, the long-developed Square Enix project previously known as Versus XIII. 9 years in the making (and possibly releasing in it’s 10th year). Yeah, it seems like just yesterday we were wondering where the hell it was. It’s just a demo (it’s still rough in some parts) but it gives a decent idea of what we can expect in terms of graphics, sound and performance.

Ready to camp after a while of adventuring.

The obvious out of the way first: the game looks really good. The opening cutscene is quite well done and the region of Duscae also looks great, with it’s open plains and forests. I haven’t travelled through the entirety of the region, but it looks to be a good world to lose oneself in. Music is composed by the same woman who made the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, Yoko Shimomura, and has a familiar tone to it. It’ll be interesting to see how she fares against previous FF soundtracks when we get a chance to listen to more tracks but what we have here is good. A nice detail in the audiovisual department: lips synch to whichever language you play the game in. Next-gen.


The objective of the demo is to amass X amount of gil in order to pay for car repairs, performed by a female Cid. I have yet to see her, as I haven’t finished the main quest yet. I was lost wandering in the world and fighting enemies. Speaking of combat, it is fast and fun. I have issues with the targeting mode (holding R1 to “lock on” onto an enemy) and end up missing a lot of my strikes, but I may just be screwing something up. There’s a nice tutorial battle at the start that teaches you the basics of combat.

The game also runs very well, all things considered. The world is huge, so there’s bound to be a few performance/fps hiccups here and there, but nothing game breaking. I’m guessing they’ll polish the game even more before release, which will most likely be next year.

Leveling up happens at tents, when you rest at night.

Small word of warning: Twitter is flooded with spoiler tweets and images of a certain thing that you’ll find/collect in the demo, so be careful if you want to go into the demo spoiler-free (I have tried to keep this post as spoiler free as possible – beyond what has been repeated to hell and back by the media).

I can’t wait to sink my teeth even deeper in the demo. But overall, it has served to give me hope that whatever the final product ends up being, it looks fun and will be worth playing, at the very least.

This is actually the art displayed while the demo loads.

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