No place for HIDEO [updated]

**** UPDATE: Gamespot broke news of internal turmoil between Kojima Productions and Konami, coming from an “insider”. Apparently, it’s a bit harsher than people suspected. Grain of salt, everyone. ****

Twitter folk is discussing a chain of events that can be considered quite important: as of this morning Konami has removed the “A Hideo Kojima Game” tag from its Phantom Pain website arts, there’s rumours that he is no longer in an executive position in the company, and the branch known as Kojima Productions is now renamed Konami Los Angeles Studio. Essentially the logical deduction is that Hideo Kojima, legendary game producer and master troll, is now out of the company.

Will this be the final (really, this time) Metal Gear game? Or at least the final one to be made by Kojima? After all, there’s a reason that name tag was on the top of Metal Gear games. Kojima may be a troll (you can even call him a diva of game design) but love it or hate it MGS is an integral part of video game history, and the games have massive following. Maybe he’s looking for creative freedom to do something else outside of MGS? Perhaps switching to another company or even a Kickstarter to do something fresh and cool?

Now, before you go into pitchfork mode,do not forget something: this is Kojima. The man who tried to fool the world by revealing his latest game by faking an entire video game studio – though the internet was too fast to foil his troll, the joke was held long enough that it was actually quite a fun development of events. He also trolls people with his trailers, once even trying to make people think MGS4 could contain a remake of the first MGS game. Could all this be a very (painfully extremely) elaborate April’s Fools joke? Or is there a hidden message in his last English account tweet, from 3 days ago?

At this point, no one knows, but you can be sure the internet will not rest until the truth is found.


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