A Nightmare

This weekend I “finishedBloodborne. And I put that into quotes because I only got the “easy” ending and I am also perfectly aware that I’m missing a lot of content (extra zones, bosses, etc.). Boy, what a trip. I wanted to share with you my thoughts during the final hours of the game – hours that kept me on edge at every turn; Bloodborne is truly a horror game at heart.

This article is, obviously, going to contain spoilers for the final hours of Bloodborne.

Beware of spoilers, but close tab is effective.

For the past few days I was stuck at a boss called The One Reborn, a 4 legged mass of corpses that shots corpses and makes corpses rain from above. I had the strategy down, but something always got me: a random corpse projectile, a foot trashing, or vomit inundating the battle stage. But yesterday I was prepared, determined… or just lucky. With the creature dead I was free to go beyond it, to a ominous looking building in the distance.

This looks safe and inviting...
This looks safe and inviting…

Once inside it’s like a conference room, full of mummified corpses wearing cages in their heads. The one taking center stage is glowing, so I proceed to touch him (because public health is not a concern in this world) and find myself suddenly transported to a building, like an university. Dark, silent, except for the students that roam the halls – creatures half made of liquid that walk crawl while twisting their heads.


Ok, sanity goes down. Looking for an exit from this creepy place I find a door that appears to have light behind it, and go for it. “Door to the exterior“. Ok, sounds safe, but upon opening I see there’s nothing behind but a void of swirling purple dim lights, that teleport me to a cavern of rocky walls that look like faces screaming in agony. Outside the cavern is an open area with a huge dark castle standing ominously in the distance; but things aren’t as they seem.

Walking this area are werewolves, a regular in Bloodborne, except this ones have mouths that open sideways… and they release snake-sized worms when they die. Nope. Also a sinister bell rings in the distance, which means that I am open to invasion from other players, even though I did not ring my bell in the first place. Nope. There’s giant creatures that hit hard and throw rocks at me relentlessly. No-pe. And to top it off, the castle itself is cursed, and whenever I step out from behind a rock something in the distance illuminates and I begin getting impaled by magical lances that quickly cause Frenzy (a status that, when filled, makes one explode and take a lot of damage). NOPE.

After running past all this hell I find the entrance to the big castle. A moment of reprieve that comes with the vista of a huge Spider the size of a house and her babies. Running to a narrow corridor where the monster cannot follow I face another Hunter, a human, apparently. Who is he? I do not know but he wants me dead… so I must kill him. The pale moon looks at me (screenshot at the top). I enter another area, a huge hall where small men wander aimlessly with their heads covered in iron masks – they’re passive, mostly, only a couple of them attack me. Others, hulking men also with iron masks are more aggressive but I avoid them and take an elevator to a wide balcony where crows with dog heads, and dogs with crow heads patrol under the moonlight. I find a door and enter, only to be faced by animated puppets before finding their master, a man gone mad from this place.

This is not creepy or insane at all...
This is not creepy or insane at all…

I kill Micolash, for he seems to have problems distinguishing reality from dream and then proceed to the final floors of the castle. A detour has me facing a… thing: Imagine a big brain littered with eyes and walking on two legs. I run back with what little sanity I retain only to find corridors filled with black hooded figures I recognize from my adventures in the Forbidden Woods. I run past them, I don’t want to relive the horrors from the forest. A little more and I find gigantic pigs with a hundred eyes and more black hoods waiting. It’s time to flee, hoping for a door or lantern to rest. But what I find puzzles me.


The lady doesn’t move or talk. She just weeps and looks skyward at the nearby tower, and I suspect it has something to do with the cries I hear, and the blood on her abdomen. The horrors following me seem to fear her, for they do not follow me – some explode in fire when near, or it may just be my brain playing tricks – and calm is back. The woman doesn’t seem hostile so I walk away. Another elevator and I find a round plaza with a baby’s carriage in the middle. I would ignore it yet the constant crying puzzles me but when I approach a hooded invisible figure with 6 arms and blades shows up.


After a grueling battle the Wet Nurse falls, and the baby cries are quiet, but he or she is nowhere to be seen. All I find is a lantern, so I return to the Hunter’s Dream. To my surprise, the house in the dream is on fire, and the old man that welcomed me there is waiting for me in the base of a huge tree. He says the Hunt is over and that he must now take my life so I can wake up. I can refuse, knowing he won’t take it lightly – but I’m too tired. The horrors of the past few hours have taken their toll. I want to rest, I want to just wake up and the the morning sun rise. I choose death, but awake again, and I feel the warmth of the sun.

But I’ll return. I have the means. I need to refuse. And I need to see the moon come down and close the story. For now, I’ll regain my sanity.


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