Newbie Blogger Thingie

Something something Newbie Blogger Initiative.

Sounds like a Marvel-inspired campaign! But apparently there’s this group of people that want to inspire others to start their own blogs. To share their ideas, begin conversations, and just express themselves via this virtual platform that is available to anyone who wishes to use it – for free!

Blogging isn’t about talking about something in a grandiose way. It’s about thinking about something on the way to/from work and then putting it into words (sometimes incoherent and rambly words) when you get the chance. It’s about posting that question that’s been gnawing at your head all morning – maybe someone shares it and wants to talk about it.

In some cases, blogging is just about writing. It helps me with my English (even if sometimes I fail and use made-up words) and allows me to share thoughts about my favorite topic: video games.

So, before I derail into a post about something something not-blogging, I’ll just say this: if you feel like it, just do it. It’s free. It doesn’t matter if not many read it – all it matters is that you let it go (let it gooooo).

I may never write for a living, or even be featured in an important community or website, but if you just readed* this then… well, see?

* Told ya I used made-up words!


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