Meeting the Wolf

Everybody and their mothers loves The Witcher 3. Sure, there’s a critic here and there, but overall the impression seems to be a very positive one. And there’s nothing that piques my curiosity more than overwhelming positive opinion – more so than reviews.

While I may or may not get Despite the fact I did get my Witcher 3 code from Amazon, I thought it best to start in the beginning so Monday night I started the first Witcher game. While I had a rocky start due to the very odd control methods, once I grasped how combat flows I made good progress in the game – I went with the over-the-shoulder camera if you’re curious.

I like this sort of game. I believe it’s what’s commonly referred to as the “Western RPG“, akin to an Elder Scrolls game. Sorry for the comparison but it’s the closest I can think of regarding how the game flows. While I am still not sure if it is a truly open world game or if it is fragmented into smaller sections, the zones are big enough, and apparently filled with quests to do and people to meet.

Basic gist: you’re Geralt, the Wolf (or was it White Wolf?) – an amnesiac Witcher, and a very powerful one at that. In the onset you’re found and taken to the Witcher base of operations to recover, but this haven is quickly attacked and destroyed. While the amnesiac hero is a common trope in RPGs, it does help you feel a bit disoriented regarding the world around you, and you learn about things at the same time as Geralt. You meet people that apparently know you, but you (both the player and Geralt) have no idea who they are.

I like how you have to be careful with what you say. In the first Chapter (past the prologue) you stumble upon a small village where a Dwarf blacksmith can be found. During my conversation I asked him if he dealt with what seems to be a sort of renegade faction. Despite just being a question, he immediately shut down and refused to speak to me again, not even letting me see his wares. Maybe this is expected to happen, but it is part of the charm of an RPG and the wonder of discovery in a virtual world.

I haven’t gotten quite far (still looking for a way into the first big “city”) but I am enjoying myself. And Geralt is, too!*

*It’s funny how in this game getting laid is like a side quest, and when you do you get a sort of “card art” of the conquest. Weird.

Still a long road to go, but I have Witcher 2 also downloaded on Steam so I have a lot of Witcher to cover in the days ahead – and to poke in every now and then once Heavensward launches… if I have any life left by that time.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the Wolf

  1. If you enjoy The Witcher 1, you’ll probably love The Witcher 2. It’s a game where the sequel number translates into being twice as awesome. Still haven’t played The Witcher 3 though it’s installed and ready (as I’m still too addicted to FFXIV for the time being and my time is limited), but if reviews and videos prove right, it should be a sight to behold.


    1. Not only that, but I’ve read some people write that W2 looks sometimes better than W3. I definitely want to look into all of them… but, like you, XIV’s hold is too strong! 😀


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