Viernes Musical: Temple of Rain


Hola! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Me encanta Guacamelee! It is a 2D side-scroller beat-em-up with a very mexican style, and it excels at practically everything – gameplay, visuals and music. It’s one of my favorite games on Steam and PS4 (yeah, I have it on both systems, Humble Bundle and purchase, respectively).

Regarding music, it’s filled with trompetas and guitarras, but sports hints of chiptune-like elements making for a soundtrack that’s both entertaining, dynamic, and that fits extremely well with everything else. I bring you today the music from the game’s first “dungeon”, the Temple of Rain, and one of my favorite tracks.

Also of note is that whenever you choose between the game’s World of the Living and the World of the Dead the music changes slightly, and takes on a more ghostly/menacing version of the theme. Here’s the same theme from above, in it’s “World of the Dead” version:


It’s a small jewel of a game, filled with references to other games, movies, everyday stuff, or simply trolling. Please do give it a shot if you get the chance. Es muy bueno!


One thought on “Viernes Musical: Temple of Rain

  1. Guacamelee is a quite work of art. Visually striking, making fun out of everything and fun itself to boot. The musical tunes, though nice on their own, truly shine whilst you’re playing and navigating through the levels. I second the recommendation here to fellow readers. Give the game a try.


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