Music Friday: Dragonsong


Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Morning, everyone! I’m back from my vacations in Miami! I’m still tired as hell and I have so much to tell you of my adventures both there and back here – like the very cool fact that my motherboard died yesterday, just before the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Early Access period starts. But that’s the subject of another post continuing my PC building woes.

Today there was no other choice – Heavensward is open for Early Access, and a corresponding theme is in order! Since I haven’t heard any of the in-game music that has been datamined (for quite a few hours now), I’ll default to the theme song, Dragonsong. Released a few weeks ago, it is expertly sung by Susan Calloway (who also sang XIV’s iconic Answers theme). It’s a classic Uematsu song, a fitting jewel for any game bearing the name “Final Fantasy“.

I’m so hyped for the expansion! Alas, until I find a replacement motherboard I’m grounded! I’m happy that my Twitter timeline is full of people enjoying their first moments in Ishgard – can’t wait to join all of you soon!



2 thoughts on “Music Friday: Dragonsong

  1. Beautiful theme, these one. I envy your hypeness, though – as I cry looking at the number of quests I still have to churn to unlock the Heavensward content. My initial feeling was correct: I should have taken a holiday!


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