Music Friday: Dearly Beloved


Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

Not another Heavensward song, please!

Calm down! It’s not a Heavensward song! It’s not even a Final Fantasy song, I swear! Today I bring you a song from another franchise. Yes, it’s another Square Enix franchise. PLEASE, STOP WITH THE TABLE FLIPPING!

Kingdom Hearts is as popular as it is unlikely – Disney and Final Fantasy? “Pfftt!” Though flooded with unnecessary sequels, spin offs and deviations, the core story is still a pretty interesting adventure. Most of the games begin with this same song playing in the title screen: “Dearly Beloved“. It’s a charming, calming song, almost like a dream waiting for you to enter its hypnotic allure.

Now, if only Square Enix could hurry up with the third big entry in the franchise…! In the meantime, we can also hear KH’s composer, Ms. Shimomura, in the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV… which will probably be released in another ten years or so! *just kidding!*



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