It came from the Blaugust

Blaugust – Day 1

What have I gotten myself into?

I must be insane! How else could I explain what drove me to join the Blaugust initiative? “One blog post per day during the month of August” sounds like a simple enough premise, right? In reality it’s quite a challenge, and I’ll explain why after this commercial break.

*Insert commercial break*

Often I find myself with what is called “writer’s block” – I can’t seem to find anything worthy of writing a blog post about; at times I have ideas but they never quite come to fruition. To top this off there’s also the matter of time habit: I don’t post everyday and I consider myself quite lucky to post twice a week; I have to train my brain to remind me to post everyday – or come up with ideas to blast through and schedule for future posting (Twelve bless the scheduling option!).

So why risk it?

Blaugust isn’t some crazy competition where if I fail I’ll get thrown in a virtual jail to rot for virtual eternity – it’s just a fun challenge. Nothing happens if you lose (though good things may happen if you win) so I asked myself: why not? Why not take on the challenge and see how far can I go?

I can talk about a news topic, or follow one of the handy topics being provided to us by the Anook community (would you kindly go and check it out?). I can even post my gaming screenshots and, provided I write enough sentences describing it, make it count! It doesn’t sound so hard at all.

Heck, this post is a valid post… in its own cheaty kinda way! *wink wink*

31 days of madness

So we begin this Blaugust talking about Blaugust… how cliché. Blaugustception. But that matters not. The fact is we begin, and here’s my first step into this crazy adventure. And remember that in all adventures the wonder is often in the journey, not the destination!

*goes off to find his screenshot folder – realizes it was lost when OS had to be reinstalled – screams can be heard*

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


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