Walls of will

Blaugust – Day 2

Are you ready?

A week or two ago Twitter was a blur of salt due to some voices in the Final Fantasy XIV community expressing their [very respectable] views on the game’s difficulty. While the content that was available at the time was not the hardest thing one could find, it served the purpose it was meant to serve.

A week later came the release of the hardest content in the game at the moment: Alexander Savage – which for those not familiar with XIV is the equivalent of a “hard/heroic/mythic mode” set of encounters. On the difficulty department it did not disappoint; top guilds from around the world still can’t claim victory over all four floors. A lot can’t even beat the first mini-boss, Faust, pictured above.

I sometimes wonder if I am fit for such content. I don’t consider myself a hardcore raider, or at least not anymore. Long gone are my days of constant raiding in WoW’s newest raids, trying to topple the latest challenge with my guild; never in a “race for world first” regime but pretty dedicated. I still enjoy tackling hard content (clearing the entire Coil of Bahamut was one of my pre-expansion goals in XIV) but I often fear I am being a weak link in a well-oiled machine.

Where there’s a will…

I’m fortunate enough to raid with people that don’t belittle others for their failures. Not being a cutting edge group allows room for errors and a lot of fun banter between members. Thus the only barrier I need to break is my own mental projection of what I can do in the game. Read about fights and be prepared, learn my job’s strengths and weaknesses, excel and circumvent when the game throws me a curve ball.

This is the fabled “Get good” people rally behind as of late (sadly for the wrong reasons, at times). It’s not “your dps is bad and you should feel bad“, but rather a “you can improve, and I know you can do it“.

And so one soldiers on. Not as the best damn player that ever existed, but as one that looks forward to trying and improving to help those you group with. For them. For oneself. For the love of the game.

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


One thought on “Walls of will

  1. “I’m fortunate enough to raid with people that don’t belittle others for their failures.”

    That’s so very important. I was lucky too in my progression raiding days of The Burning Crusade. I happened to find myself in a guild of very skilled, but also very adult, raiders. We didn’t belittle or put down others (aside from some playful ribbing). It was a much different environment from other attempts at raiding seriously I have done. I miss it greatly too.


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