Can’t see (censored), captain!

Blaugust – Day 3

Day & Night

One of the things that I like about Final Fantasy XIV is the day/night cycle. Not only does it have some beautiful colors as day turns to night, but the coolest part is that night is actually dark.

Coming from World of Warcraft, it was a common gripe that night didn’t seem like night: it was too bright. An engine oddity, perhaps? It could even be by design, considering WoW’s colorful palette and graphic style. I think I read somewhere that it is because they are concerned about players seeing everything too dark, particularly during the real life daytime – I see the point, though.

In Eorzea night can get pretty dark. It’s never pitch black, but at times you do get a feeling of “where the hell is everything?” from the darkness. The screenshot above was taken at night in the Western Coerthas Highlands and it was snowing. I could see distant places like Falcon’s Nest, but only as a silhouette in the darkness; I could reach it by following the window lights and signal fires. During the day you can see this same settlement almost from across the map.

I think this is a pretty cool detail of the game. Day is bright (sans weather conditions) while night can get really dark without becoming impossible to see.

Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


5 thoughts on “Can’t see (censored), captain!

  1. Ohh day-night cycles in MMOs, I have written about them at length. πŸ™‚ something I enjoy a lot when done right – unfortunately I have to disagree with you here though, I really don’t like FFXIV’s day-night cycle haha!

    While the sky is lovely, the transition in FFXIV is way too short. Way, way too short and I don’t get it?? It takes less than 30secs to go from pre-dusk to night and that’s just very irritating for me, and remains so to this day. πŸ™‚


  2. I forget that WoW had a cycle, to be honest. I much prefer the MMOs that have a significant night, as in it is a lot darker and different events occur/monsters spawn. Running through Kithicor in EverQuest before night fell and the zone turned into an undead hell hole was a ton of fun.


  3. I love how close the moon seems in the HW areas and how bright a full moon at night can be. They really outdid themselves with the night/day cycle (including night/day music in each zone) as well as the different (and unique) weather effects.


    1. >> I love how close the moon seems in the HW areas

      I read somewhere that this is an intentional change, speculating that… well, ending + FFIV. Or it could just be that the moon looks closer in the northern hemisphere and we’re all just tinfoil madmen πŸ™‚


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