FFXV:ATR (Avoid The Reveals)

Blaugust – Day 6


Square Enix sure is a special company, and yesterday’s Final Fantasy XVActive Time Report” from Cologne was as fun a thing as one could expect from such an event. It was so bad it’s good, and it’s sure to give birth to a lot of memes in the coming hours.

I don’t know why expectations were high for the event, honestly. Maybe it’s the “9 years in development” thing (that aren’t really 9 if you consider the team/tech switch) that has people anxious for new information on the title every time there’s an ATR. What we got was a new short trailer, a lore primer for the game, and a bunch of questions.

The trailer was pretty decent, showing a few important lore tidbits. No real gameplay in it, though.

We know but won’t tell

The fun, however, starts with the ATR itself. For those new, a FFXV ATR is the equivalent from FFXIV’s Live Letters: a small program/show where the devs talk about the game, reveal upcoming content and answer fan/player questions. Alas, unlike XIV’s LLs, today’s ATR was memorable because there was a recurring theme during the entire set: everything’s defined but we are not sharing anything.

This is doubly hilarious mostly because they chose the questions themselves! It’s like me inviting you to an AMA and replying to all questions with “That’s a very good question, and you’re gonna love the answer, but I’m not saying anything about it“. Wut?

“Who’s this woman?” – “Oh, she’s important… but we won’t say why“.
“Who’s the villain?” – “He’s awesome, best villain ever and internally he’s a hit… but we won’t show him today“.
“Can you tell us anything at all about the game?” – “Sure, there’s plenty of awesome stuff coming… but we ain’t sharing“.

Of course, there was some info. The lore primer was interesting to set up what’s happening in the game.

Bad breath

At the end they did release a small clip of in-game footage, showing a new zone (from the “second half of the game”). Alas, while the area did look pretty nice, it also looked barren (it was in development)… until a Malboro showed up and wiped the party. Blasted Malboros! It was nice to see a familiar FF creature, to be honest.

Step it up

XV’s development is definitely in an important phase. The devs wanna keep their cards close to their chest and are slow-dripping the fan base. However they must not forget that XV, for all the ups and downs it has had in its story, is still a game with a very spotty development history and that is something audiences can’t easily forget.

They need to share more info and while I’m not expecting Pax Prime to be particularly revealing, Tokyo Game Show sounds like the perfect time to start a massive info blowout. We may still not know when XV is releasing (though the devs claim to know that) but it feels more real every event that happens, even if it sometimes barely does.


Want to know more about Blaugust? Do check the original information post made by the ever wonderful Belghast: check the 2015 Blaugust Initiative Page


6 thoughts on “FFXV:ATR (Avoid The Reveals)

  1. I need to go back and play the demo again. It wasn’t very good when I first played, but I might be more open minded now. Though, in all seriousness, I just want a Western release date for Bravely Second. New single player Final Fantasy’s are gravy beyond that game.


    1. There was a lot of stuff after the patch – the so called “Duscae 2.0” – but I haven’t played it again.

      Bravely Default sounds so good. Alas, no 3DS. Would have loved a Vita port but at this point that’s as likely as WoW going F2P 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is part of the charm, together with the Chocobos, airships and even music. In the trailer, for example, the first part has bits of the “Main Theme” and the “Prelude”. They do know how to grasp long-time fans!


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